Shut Down and Maintenance

Shutdown Maintenance is maintenance that can only be performed when equipment is not in use. 

Major shutdowns in process industries typically happen infrequently these shutdowns should have two objectives:

  • To troubleshoot problems identified during previous major shutdowns, and
  • To inspect parts of the plant to recognize problems that will be repaired during future planned shutdowns.

List of essential activities “shutdown countdown” process are:

  • Shutdown Planning Tools
  • Changing Roles During Shutdowns
  • Shutdown Progress Meetings
  • Shutdown Documentation.

Shutting down machinery can be expensive, but sometimes due to the nature of the faulty part/machine, shutdown maintenance is the only feasible maintenance procedure. Our technicians will take care to avoid a complete shutdown. In some cases industrial applications, a shutdown can mean huge financial losses. The planning and scheduling of shutdown work are very similar to other work, with some notable differences. For instance, the level of activity is usually much higher with numerous opportunities for physical interference between jobs. Any performance maintenance issues will also be highlighted, especially if they cause a delay in start-up.