Metal Fabrication

The fabrication process may be used to cut, drill, fold and weld the strongest material on earth.  some of the fabrications are:

Cutting, Folding, Welding, Machining, Punching, Shearing, Stamping, Casting.

The most commonly used metal fabrication process involves cutting, where sheets of metal are split into halves, thirds or smaller sections. In many applications, the metal being cut is freshly made and has yet to be shaped into anything in particular. In supplementary applications, pre-shaped metals like bars and measured panels are submitted for cutting. Cuts are performed on a range of machinery, from lasers and plasma torches to more elaborate, high-tech pieces of machinery.

The metal fabrication industry has wide applications across a great numerous industry and consumer products.

The four main types of manufacturing are:

  • Manufacturing in Molding
  • Manufacturing in Machining
  • Manufacturing in Joining
  • Manufacturing in Shearing and Forming.