Heaters and Reformers

Top-fired steam reformer design commonly used in hydrogen, ammonia and fusion gas plants around the world.

We can design and supply top-fired reformers. A track record in Cylindrical and Boxular heaters and reformers. Complete fabrication, erection, testing as well as refractory installation and dry-out activities undertaken by our team. and Executed various types of furnaces for Steel Plants, Fertilizer Plants, and Refineries.

We design and supply a wide range of different types to suit all requirements, which include creative modular solutions, as well as provided that complete services. With support from our fabrication partners, we also provide process equipment and material supply, including proprietary heaters for our delayed coking, hydrogen and CO boiler technologies services.

These services include providing early access to tactical investments, including new facilities, major upgrades. We recognize both sides of the investment cycle, delivering high-quality engineering services to support the design and development of new assets, and providing a complete range of core and professional services for operations, maintenance, integrity, and modifications.

The top-fired radiant box is more solid compared with single-row design when it comes to large-scale units. though, this pro will be diminished or even eliminated by the high amount of additional space essential for the convection section with air preheater, fans, and stack, as they cannot be mounted on top of the reformer box.